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ECOCO is a Singapore-Sri Lankan business, based in Singapore and Colombo.

ECOCO stands for Ecological Consortium and we specialise in developing health products based on Asian tropical herbs and spices, oils and other organic foods. We constantly strive to innovate and develop a wide range of exceptional and high-quality products that meet and exceed the needs of our clients and customers under the ECOCO Brand globally.

Our flagship product is the Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil which is rich in nutrients that are essential for a strong heart, cognitive health, fat-free liver, immune system boost, improved energy and endurance, anti-aging and weight loss.

Our products are 100% natural and organic. They are manufactured based on advanced Cold Pressed technologies from selected organic coconuts in Sri Lanka. No chemicals or additives of any kind are added. Our manufacturing process right from procurement of the raw material, to processing and packaging adhere to the best practices in the industry to provide pure, natural and original products. Stringent measures are taken to ensure that our customers receive only the best quality.

Our Extra Virgin Coconut Oil have received the following certification:
• USDA Certified Organic
• EU Certified Organic
• FDA Approved
• Halal Certified
• ISO 22000

It is our Company Vision to market the highest quality organic and natural products.


What Clients Say

I have been taking a tablespoon of Ecoco VCO three times daily with meals. Taking the oil with my meals seems to give me a “full feeling” a lot faster. My sweet tooth has practically vanished! Ironically, facilitating weight loss was my main reason for trying the coconut oil diet, but with all the wonderful benefits I am experiencing, the weight loss aspect almost seems like an afterthought. About three days into the routine, I had an energy rush on a Saturday morning that kept me going until well after lunch. I can’t believe how much I got done that day! My mental state of mind seemed to be much sharper. I was able to focus on the tasks at hand without getting side-tracked. I was not exhausted at the end of running my errands around a huge mall. It seemed like I was practically running, rather than the leisurely walking that was formerly my habit. In addition to my energy level, my mood has been very stable—no up and down mood swings—even with the onset of PMS! My husband commented yesterday on how soft and silky my skin felt, and I have not used any lotion since I started taking the oil.
I bought some Ecoco VCO for the promised benefits of better health and nutrition. At the time I was overweight, and I was on a self-willed regiment of better diet and exercise. Every Friday, after a hard workout at the gym, I would weigh myself and keep track of my progress. I consumed about 2-3 tablespoons a day, and I kept track of my weight loss. Before I purchase the coconut oil, I lost about 1 kg per week of diligent exercise and diet. Once I got the coconut oil, my weight loss went up to about 2 kgs on average before I plateaued to my normal weight for my build.
Since beginning to use Ecoco Extra Virgin coconut oil, about 3 months ago, I have experienced a noticeable increase in my energy, rid myself of cravings for carbs, cleared up my complexion (which has always been a problem) gotten the silkiest, most glorious hair from using it internally AND lost 16 pounds. This oil does all that it promises, and more!
Grandpa Tommy
I haven't been doing any extra exercises or anything special to "work on my abs" either. At first I have to admit that I was a little worried about losing so much weight so quickly, but I felt fine, had lots of energy, and am still eating very well and sleeping well besides! In fact, Ecoco VCO seems to have increased my appetite, so even while I was losing weight I was eating more than usual. And even though I’m still eating more than usual, my weight is now staying steady; I’m not gaining.
Singapore / Malaysia
My whole family loved Ecoco VCO! Virgin Coconut Oil is indeed helpful in many ways. I have used it on my skin when it feels itchy or irritated and it heals instantly. My whole family used it and we all love this oil. It makes my skin feel lighter and not greasy.
Colombo/ Singapore
Ecoco VCO makes me beautiful. I've been using VCO as a facial and body moisturizer for about 3 months now and I can't fully express how much I love it. I have put other skin-care products on my face before that was supposed to get rid of acne or little wrinkled, but I just end up frustrated after a month of using it.  However, I have not given up on VCO because it worked! I am not kidding, and it didn't even take that long for me to see positive results. Only a couple of weeks of using it and I noticed that my face was so fresh. I know I sound like an advertisement, but I don't care because I truly love this stuff. It's cheap, it smells amazing, it's cruelty-free and it makes me look beautiful. I recommend it to everyone.
United States/ Singapore
Take Ecoco VCO regularly for 4 months and see amazing results. I have been taking coconut oil at least three times weekly. It has changed my life because I have noticed increased brain function and increased energy level. My metabolism has gone up too, so I can eat fatty foods such as ice cream without having to bear the curse of a big belly after. I also noticed that I have younger-looking skin.  I am now a regular when it comes to sitting on the toilet. My teeth and gums have shown signs of improvement as well. I apply coconut oil on rashes, cuts and bruises. All in all, I can say that if you are still not using coconut oil, then you are missing out a lot! I always mention coconut oil to my friends whenever they complement me for looking so good. The best advice I can give is to take the coconut oil for more than 4 months and reap all its good health benefits.
I have been taking coconut oil daily for almost a year. At this time my consumption is 3 tablespoons per day. While I have been nutritionally minded most of my life, coconut oil somehow flew under my radar. When I finally heard about it I put it to the test. Many years ago (about 33!) I contracted genital herpes. As healthy as I was and still am, the condition persisted with occasional outbreaks that were physically painful and emotionally troubling. Taking lysine tablets helped somewhat. As I aged the outbreaks were more intense and lasted longer. Finally, I was informed about coconut oil and the many conditions it can prevent as well as help cure so I gave it a try. If it could actually help my herpes it would have been foolish not to! I have had no outbreaks for a year and a half. It seems that once the oil established itself in my body the herpes has been eliminated or seriously repressed. I also have more energy and a sense of well-being that at 67 is a great gift from eating the oil. As you can imagine, I tell all my friends about coconut oil but very few are taking it. I am a believer in it and will continue to take it and tell people about it. For this Christmas my wife gave me several jars of extra virgin oil. She must like me!
Malaysia/ Singapore
"I have been having Ecoco VCO for 3 months now always, buying it from you. Really good quality and stays fresh for a very long time. VCO has really helped my health by keeping weight in check in general and also healing my digestive system. My ulcerative colitis is healed!! I would not go a day without it. Just wanted to say Thank you and will keep on buying forever!"
India/ Singapore
Leila J.
"Ecoco oil has a wonderful scent and tastes delicious. Apart from using it to fry, you can also add a tablespoon to desserts, biscuits, cakes and pancakes for a coconut flavour. It also tastes delicious in coffee or tea! "
Leila J.